Vía ferrata | Benaoján

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This is a good fun route. The start and finish are not clearly marked, however it is worth finding.
There is a sign next to a track, on the main road before you leave the village and ahead down the road next to the cliffs. the track is actually the finish (where you exit from the walking out route.)

The start is actually located to the right of the cave in the cliff. Walk down the road on the left side past the drainage ditch and town welcome sign. Climb up onto the left foot after the cave and the start is about 25m along on your left.

The end of the Feratta leads you on to scrubland with no clear path. There are many animal trails. Try to follow the paths down and keep left which will bring you down to the lane next to a small farm buildings. exit via the track through the gate (it is not locked, just with a pull bolt - it looks closed with wire on it), you should be able to see sign at the finish and road.





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